People are what make ZEN ZEN International great.   HR Directors and Managers that have a vision for their corporate hires, employees looking to add their skills and abilities to a new firm, or small companies that need to make that special addition to take them to their next level.  Our testimonials are a source of pride with us,  and we have thousands of stories of how ZEN ZEN has positively impacted people and their companies in Winnipeg, Manitoba and globally.

testimonials from a few of our thousands of clients over the years...

Candidate Testimonials


Here is what candidates say about ZEN ZEN International –



“Thank you very much for your time.  I found your interview process unique and innovative and I feel I learned much about myself.”


  • Candidate – Marketing Manager – Winnipeg



“Thank you for all your assistance.  I am looking forward to contributing greatly to the company.  Also I wanted to say thank you for the personalized service as well as the extra effort you put into re-working my resume.  You are one of the best recruiters out there as you clearly show that you care for not only the client but also the candidate.  I will definitely refer you and Zen Zen International to my peers.”


  • Candidate – General Manager – Winnipeg



“When I was a candidate for Michael’s major apparel manufacturer, he was extremely thorough, had excellent follow-up, and a pleasure to work with.  The good executive search people always stand out in one’s mind.”


  • Candidate -  VP of Sales – USA



“I want to take this opportunity to thank you for forwarding my name and resume on to Michael Yakimishyn.  I had the opportunity to personally meet with Michael today and I am getting back together with him on Friday.  I want to tell you that he is one of the most professional and interesting recruiters that I have ever met.  He was very interested in truly understanding my skill sets and capabilities – a rare quality in recruiters.”


  • Candidate – V.P of Marketing & Sales – MBA – Winnipeg



“It was great meeting you – I was very impressed with your thoroughness in examining my background.  Of all the Executive Recruiters I have met, you are very much the most comprehensive!  I sense this is what makes you so successful – really knowing your client and fully examining the candidates you present and perceiving the potential match.”


  • Candidate – Corporate Planner – MBA, B. Comm. – Winnipeg



“I must say your approach in dealing with new candidates is the most professional one I have experienced to-date.  I probably feel like you are going to represent me better to your clients than I could myself.  Because of your professionalism, I ask your permission to recommend Zen Zen International to a company currently searching for computer professionals.”


  • Candidate – Production Manager – Winnipeg



“Your interviews were in depth and I believe your approach gave me that edge. I will forward your name to any person I know who is looking to change jobs, or is need of a professional recruiter. It is very obvious why you are so successful.”


    *  Candidate – General Manager – Winnipeg



"I was recently looking to relocate from Toronto to a small town in Manitoba and was hoping to find employment there before I moved. I was lucky enough to get in touch with Michael because through his hard work and dedication, I was able to find what I was looking for in a few short weeks. Michael is diligent at following up and keeping the candidate informed on his progress and all communications. Without his help, I would have not been able to do it!"


     *  Candidate – HR Manager – Toronto



“Michael Yakimishyn knows that the secret to good business, and more importantly return business, is ensuring a good fit.  Having known more than a few head hunters, he is different in his field as he works to ensure that the “good fit” is a bilateral equation where both the corporate client and the candidate are BOTH satisfied with the arrangement, know the expectations, and can deliver.  In the interim, he facilitates business intelligence for both parties, instills confidence, provides coaching if needed, and promotes integrity in the process.  It isn’t about just getting the commission!  He knows well that as a small business, a poor fit will have consequences and that will come at the cost of getting new clients, and overcoming prudent caution with those new clients.   On the contrary, he works to establish trust and it would seem that that trust doesn’t go unrewarded as HR departments actually return his calls.

Thank you Michael for both the results and the example.”


      *  Candidate – Project Manager – MBA, CMA, PMP - Winnipeg



“I would like to thank you for all your support throughout this process.  Since day one you made me feel important.  I was someone whose skills and knowledge were required, I was not just a number for you.  In these days of modern recruiting, there is a special ingredient which differentiates Zen Zen from the crowd.  It’s Personal Touch.  You were always there at the low and high points and I thank you for that.”


      *  TRIPLE REPEAT Candidate – Application Developer –  Winnipeg

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