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Resume Development For Winnipeg Job Seekers

When I was recruited for a position as a high school teacher I did not have a resume and the school division that sought my professional services did not demand a resume. Job opportunities in the 1960's were very different - high school teachers were in a great demand and the supply was limited. In 1958 the Manitoba Government under the leadership of Premier Duff Roblin implemented a reform of the rural high school system creating 36 secondary school divisions. The goal of this reform was to give greater educational equality and opportunity for all young Manitobans. New high schools sprang up all over the province and the high school population increased exponentially creating an unprecedented demand for teachers with university degrees. Teachers were needed throughout rural Manitoba, usually the hiring authorities asked only one question - are you qualified to teach at the high school level? It usually meant you got a phone call, no resume required, sign the contract on the dotted line.

Today, the recruitment process requirements have changed dramatically in all industries be it education, manufacturing, technology, telecommunications, insurance, construction, agriculture, etc. Usually there are 100's of candidates vying for a single position. Your resume is 'your foot in the door' to make the 'short list' - if you don't have a superb resume that grabs the hiring manager's attention in the first 5 seconds then your resume does not get read. So if you are a 'first time' job seeker, someone that's 'between opportunities' (unemployed) or maybe you're looking for a more satisfying and rewarding job, then my advice is - develop a top notch resume.

Developing a resume can be a challenge. I approach resume development from the perspective of a hiring manager - what does a hiring manager expect in a resume? Well, as a former Assistant School Superintendent my role included recruiting, interviewing, selecting and hiring teachers. So in this role as 'hiring manager' when I looked at the first half page of a resume I wanted to know immediately if the candidates profile matched the job requirements profile. From my perspective, the candidate's Profile is the Most Important Section of the Resume.

Here is my advice about the Profile - The Profile section is the most important section of your resume. In this section you DEFINE WHO YOU ARE AND WHAT IS YOUR EXPERTISE. It represents the summary highlights of your career. The Profile is your 'Claim to Fame' section. The Profile section should contain both quantitative and qualitative achievement milestones. You need to distinguish your self from 'the pack' in this section. You need to 'stand out' as offering something different than the 100's of other candidates who are competing for the same position. Your Profile should address all the key or most important requirements of the job/position requirements.

Here is an example of a poorly constructed Profile:

"Commercial executive with proven history of success managing transactions in domestic and international markets. History of securing significant revenue on behalf of companies that are competing against established category leaders. Qualified by broad experience and excellent results achieved in sales and general management. Critical thinker and adept negotiator who can apply extensive knowledge of industry and government to rapidly achieve business objectives."

Why is this Profile inadequate? This Profile is presented in 'Block Text' - it is vague and has no 'attention grabbers'. It contains bland and unexciting statements that fail to provide any quantitative and qualitative information about the candidate. There is nothing in the block text that makes the candidate stand out. Simply ask yourself - what does this candidate do for a living? What is the candidate's training? How many years of experience? What is this candidate's 'claim to fame'? Undoubtedly, one is challenged to answer these questions with regard to the above poorly constructed profile.

One of the services that I provide in the career coaching category is resume development. This service consumes about 4 hours in total. The first step involves an intensive 2-hour interview where I need to learn everything about you - your early education, your strengths and experience in high school, your experiences in post-secondary education, how your career developed, etc. I need to learn about you in order that I can do justice to the development of your resume. I must accurately and honestly represent you; I need to determine your 'brand' so that your resume will effectively represent and market you. I use several tools in order to learn about you. These tools deal with perception and work culture. After I learn about you and your career development then comes the difficult task of putting into words 'the story about you'.

Call me at (204) 837-7943 or contact me at zenzenmy@gmail.com if you need a 'top notch' resume.


Speaking for Myself - Duff Roblin

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