Great Job Prospects in Manitoba

April 25, 2017

Over the years Manitoba has experienced a relatively stable economy - like the prairies it's been generally flat with very few peaks and valleys.  In 2015 job prospects in Winnipeg, Manitoba's capital city, were not great - most job seekers would conclude that 2015 was not a 'banner year' for jobs.  Similarly, the jobs forecast for 2016 did not appear to be positive. The results of Probe Research`s 2015 Manitoba Business Leaders Index indicated that the business leaders were not optimistic regarding both the economic future of the province and the 2016 fortunes of their own businesses.  Not only were business leaders less optimistic, but fewer business leaders believed they would increase their workforce in 2016, and more believed they will have fewer on the payroll than had been the case in the past five years. The opportunity for new jobs and new hires in 2015 and 2016 did not present a rosy picture.


But what a change one event makes! A provincial election was called for April 19, 2016 and the potential for political change generated optimism and hope but it also brought a degree of uncertainty.  Businesses do not like uncertainty and instability and Manitoba's business community was cautious about investment and creation of new jobs in 2016 in a climate of political uncertainty.  This may explain why Manitoba`s employment growth in 2016 was negative at -0.5.


The election on April 19, 2016 brought a major shift on the political landscape - a business friendly PC government was elected.  However, this change in government did not immediately translate into the creation of new jobs.  In fact, there was a considerable lag in job creation and it was not until December 2016 when the flood gates on hiring were opened and Manitoba firms went on a hiring spree.  ``Manitoba employers added 3,200 new workers to their payrolls in the final month of 2016.``  These 3,200 new hires were among a total of 4,700 new payroll employees added in the province between December 2015 and December 2016.


According to a recent survey conducted by the Canadian Federation of Independent Business in early 2017 ``Manitoba small-business owners are the most optimistic in the country.``   According to the survey report  - Ìt seems that the business-friendly policies recently introduced by the provincial government are being noticed by Manitoba`s entrepreneurs.``  According to the recent Conference Board of Canada forecast Manitoba`s economy will continue to grow and Manitoba`s employment growth was forecast to increase from a -0.5 in 2016 to +0.6 in 2017.


Fast forward to March 2017 and sure enough Statistics Canada`s March Labor Force Survey reported that ``Manitoba`s unemployment rate dropped to 5.5 per cent in March (2017) after the local economy generated 2,800 new jobs, most of them full-time positions.`` 


So if you are looking for job opportunities come to Manitoba.  Zen Zen International in Winnipeg is always recruiting Great Candidates for Great Jobs at Great Companies.  Send your resume - we have great jobs for you. 



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