Passionate About People and Excellence

I’ve been working in Talent & Search field for over two decades - a very satisfying experience - interviewed many Great People - many candidates I'd classify as 'diamonds' - real gems.



How did this passion for people and excellence develop?  My parents owned a retail store and every day after school I was in the store meeting, engaging and serving customers. That's probably where I cut 'my teeth' studying and analyzing people.  My People-centered careers, except for a very brief stint as a geologist, include a 22-year career in Educational Administration/Teaching, 12 years in Technology Sales, and finally my current career in Recruiting.


As a H.S. Mathematics/Physics Teacher I enjoyed identifying the strengths of students, building their confidence/self-esteem and coaching them to pursue excellence.  After 3 years of teaching I was recruited for a position as a High School Principal. After obtaining my Master of Ed. Admin. degree I accepted a position as Assistant Superintendent of Elementary Education.  This role entailed recruiting and hiring teachers.  My rule when recruiting teachers was - 'only hire a teacher if you are prepared to have them teach your own children'.  Similarly, in corporate recruiting I apply the same rule - 'recruit/recommend only those candidates that you're prepared to hire yourself'.  As Director of Planning & Research (MB Education) I recruited a multi-disciplinary team of superb people.  A former Educational Administration Head (U. of MB) complimented my staff recruitment by stating - 'you sure know how to pick them'.  I take great pride in recruiting 'top notch' candidates.  Searching for, identifying and recruiting superb candidates is both an art and a science. Contact Michael Yakimishyn at ZEN ZEN if you want me to recruit Great Candidates for your Great Company.

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  • B.Sc., B.Ed., M. Ed., Ph. D. Candidate

  • 3 yrs. High School Teaching, 16 yrs. Adjunct Professor - Educational Administration

  • 19 yrs. Educational Administration - H.S. Principal, Assistant School Superintendent, Director of Planning & Research 

Career Overview
  • 12 yrs. Technology Sales - National Sales Manager - Computer Sales, Account Executive

  • 20 yrs. Recruiting - President

  • Numerous Publications

  • Executive Director - Manitoba's 125th Anniversary